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Industrial Engineering
Laer, Germany
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2019 – currently


 Welotec is a company that specializes in innovative industry 4.0 applications, that revolutionize modern manufacturing and agriculture and help build sustainable smart cities. We’ve worked on one of their fascinating ideas before, so we were very excited when they approached us with their new edge computing project. 

Challenge - integration of iot in industry 4.0 

The idea was to create a device that works as a router and allows running applications from Docker containers at the same time. The goal was to enable remote controlling and assure the security of devices that are not connected that were not connected to the network or should be protected with an independent firewall. 

One of the key elements of the project was to develop a custom, Linux-based distribution for a widely utilized industrial computer, “Edge Gateway”. We were familiar with their challenges and systems, so they trusted us to deliver that element of the project.


When we received a call from Welotec, all of our embedded specialists were assigned to other projects. In such cases, we always look for help among our trusted partners and companies we’ve worked with before. Team outsourcing proved to be the best solution for the client. We put together a team within a few days with the support of the IT cluster - Theumatec Tech Group.  Shortly after, we’ve organized a workshop meeting at Welotec’s headquarters in Laer. During the meeting, Welotec staff wanted to discuss the business side of the project and make sure that we had a sufficient team for the job in terms of skills and numbers. 
As you may have guessed, we wouldn’t write it if we didn’t pass the test
The first phase of the project was a Proof of Concept (PoC), which means we had to deliver an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with only basic features and no visual interface. In September 2020, we finished the PoC stage, and we’ve started implementing more and more crucial features and elements of the system, such as:
  • Industrial router configuration and management system  
  • WebGUI (Web Graphical Interface) based on LUCI (Lua Configuration Interface) with OpenWRT (Open Wireless Router) for integration with Edge Gateway (EG) computers.   
  • User-friendly API for sharing GPIO (general-purpose input/output) Docker containers with EGs  
  • Remote management system for multiple EGs  
  • Additional physical platforms  

In such complex projects, being on the same page with all participants at all times is essential. Therefore, during the development, we’ve concluded a few more face-to-face workshops to discuss ongoing challenges and choose the most efficient solutions. 


With the help of the system we’ve developed, Welotec gained a profitable new product in the edge computing category, which already seems to be a milestone in terms of the company’s business development. The device has an enormous range of possible applications for the IoT-fueled Industry 4.0 companies. It has already brought many new clients to Welotec, and there surely are more to come, especially since we’re just on the verge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In addition, the other device applications of full stack technology in industry 4.0 is also data collection, which could open up the possibility for new analytics services at a later stage.   

Thank you, Welotec, for the opportunity to work on this fascinating project, and we can’t wait to hear from you again!

From the customer

"I was impressed with the knowledge of VM.PL’s developers. They perfectly understood our goals and their suggestions were of great added value to us. They quickly understood the use of a complex application in specific cases."

Jos Zenner
CTO / Welotec GmbH



Welotec has been operating on the market for several decades. They are experts in industrial communication and automation. They specialise in three main sectors: Smart Energy, Smart City, Smart Industry. They develop products such as routers, antennas as well as telecommunication/technical systems and solutions for their clients

Customer website: https://www.welotec.com/

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