Development of client-server application for optimization of semiconductor production


For several decades of its existence, our client has been developing software to support the production process of semiconductor devices. He provides his products, among others, to leading manufacturers in the world.

Recently, the company has come to the conclusion that parts of their system must be significantly improved and adapted to new standards. It soon turned out that the project was being developed at an unsatisfactory pace based solely on the company’s own resources. The team needed new C# and .NET specialists who could support and accelerate the entire process. Finding programmers with relevant experience and skills in the local market unexpectedly proved to be difficult and time-consuming.


During this time, we decided to offer the company long-term support for their project. In a short time, we were able to assemble a qualified team of four programmers specializing in C# and .NET technologies. All our programmers take pride of their many years of programming experience and fluent English. The team chosen was well suited to the client's requirements.

In July 2017, we joined the project. From the very beginning, our programmers regularly visited the client - first every two weeks, and then (to this day) approx. once a month. As a result, the teams had the opportunity to get to know each other well, and the implementation was efficient and effective.

Cooperation is successful. In the project, we focus primarily on improving the code and architecture of the existing Windows application. In addition, we also create new functionalities required by the company's clients and give solid substantive support for the German team.

What we are doing:

Development of the Windows application for semiconductor production
Implementation of the new features
Improving code quality and reducing technical debt
Creating new functionalities requested by customers
Supporting the team in WPF, WCF technology processes
Sharing the expertise (organization of internal training)


Cooperation with us allowed the client to significantly develop his long-lasting project, Ultimately, the newly implemented modules will replace the existing ones. The new architecture provides better modularity, extendibility and testability. Thus, it supports greater sustainability in terms of integrating new functionality and it helps to maintain a higher overall quality.

Thanks to the high competences and extensive involvement of our team, the company is able to plan and implement significant changes in its system more quickly. In addition, it can now more efficiently and accurately respond to the needs of its customers.

As a result, all these activities will strengthen the position of the customer on the market as a leading provider of software supporting the production of microprocessors.

Project details:

Category: Back-end solution, Front-end solution
Industry: Semi-conductors
City: Dresden, Germany
Work model: Team Outsourcing
Payment model: Time and Material
Project duration: Since July 2017


We increased our software development team with the help of They supported us in every aspect so that the new team was brought up to speed very soon. Great collaboration!

VP Software Development

More about our experience in cooperation with us and our experience in working with the Nearshoring model is told by our client in the podcast below


A company from Dresden is a leading provider of solutions for optimization and control in processess for the latest semiconductor technologies. Established more than a decade ago, it is growing dynamically. Currently, the company has clients and representatives all over the world - Europe, the United States and Asia. Their strength is an international, interdisciplinary and experienced team of specialists.


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