New Rf360 project – software for manufacturing processes management


Recently we began work on a completely new project for Systema Art of Automation. Our partner from Dresden is one of the leading providers of engineering, operational and supply chain services. Their core business is supporting customers in integrating, automating, optimizing and visualizing production environments.

Our qualified developers are working (together with the team based in Dresden and Regensburg) on production process management software for the manufacturing of semiconductor devices. The main goal of the project is to automate the production line: device integration, production process control, and material management.

The project is long-term; the expected duration is up to 5 years. The new software is intended to help in complex production management. During its development we will be using a large number of technologies such as: Java, .NET, SAP, MSSQL, Angular, TIBCO.

Despite the fact that the project has been running for a relatively short time, the cooperation is going very well and the whole process is moving forward dynamically. We are very satisfied with the initial effects!

German with - new edition


The German language in the IT industry is usually unappreciated even though it gives so many opportunities.

The best examples are our employees who attend German lessons during their work with pleasure, in order to be able to contact our clients and participate in trips to Berlin, Dresden or Hannover. Knowledge of a language not only provides confidence in maintaining business communication but also broadens the spectrum of career opportunities that await people who speak in more languages than only English.

That is why we are starting with another, even better and even bigger edition of the open German language courses at VM.PL.

We have listened to all the remarks of previous participants and we assure you that we have followed the comments. This time we are organising more groups and introducing more professional vocabulary. However, the biggest attraction is going to be a contest in which the best student will win an intensive German course in Berlin or Wroclaw!

We are starting yet in October! For all the information related to the registration and new conditions of the course, please visit and with all the questions please write at

We cordially invite you to participation!

Brand new project – a software for automotive


A few months ago we’ve started brand new project with Carano Software Solutions Gmbh. This IT company from Berlin is one of the leading suppliers of professional fleet software. They develop the latest solutions in the field of fleet management and renting, as well as car trade.

Our qualified Java developers has been working (together with the team in Berlin) on significantly developing their product – a web app which enables the configuration and financing of vehicles, such as cars or scooters.

Thanks to our regular visits in the client’s headquarters our cooperation is smooth and the whole process of implementing new functionalities (such as the ability to view information about vehicles and charts of current expenses) in the application is constantly moving forward.

We’re glad that we’re taking part in this immersive project and we can’t wait to discover new challenges related to its development.

A new movie about


Over the past month, our employees and board members worked together with the Camera-S film studio on a new project. The result of our cooperation is a new business movie about our company.

In the short video you get to know from the inside out. We share, among other details, our currently implemented projects for foreign clients, and we also talk about our work model, sharing our feelings and insights.

The main purpose of the video was primarily to present us and our values, which we have been following for many years with our partners. Because our activity is international, in our video we speak in no less than three foreign languages (English, German, French).

We are very happy with the results. We cordially invite you to watch the movie.

Discussion about Nearshoring with our client - podcast


Recently, one of our clients ( IT company from Dresden) had the opportunity to appear in the ANALOG FIRST, DIGITAL SECOND podcast. The channel created by the company SAR Business Solutions from Dresden regularly publishes business recordings addressed to entrepreneurs from the IT industry.

In episode 28, the conversation revolves around Nearshoring. Our client mainly talks about his previous experience and impressions with this model. He bases his opinions on several years of cooperation with our company.

The interlocutor advises on what to look for when choosing a business partner and the most important organizational, financial and cultural challenges an entrepreneur faces.

He also explains what the most crucial methods of Nearshoring activity are which have produced positive results in the development of his long-term project.

We are extremely pleased, because in this podcast we heard a lot of positive opinions about our company. We are happy that our client is satisfied with the cooperation with us so far and we hope for its successful continuation.

We cordially invite you to listen to the whole recording.

* the podcast is in German

Report from speeches in Berlin


Last week, we went to Berlin with other members of ITCorner (cluster from Wrocław) to participate in an event organized by SIBB. We started the meeting with a visit to the Berlin Town Hall, where Jakub Orczyk, a member of our board, talked about the activities of ITCorner as part of the "Zwei Länder eine Wirtschaft" panel (Two countries, one economy). He also presented the history of, which perfectly shows the benefits of cooperation between Polish and German companies.

After the speech, we went to Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH - an organization cooperating with the Senate of Berlin and almost 300 Berlin companies.

We ended the day with participation in SIBB Summit, where Jakub Orczyk was able to speak again, this time about Wrocław and ITCorner.

This trip was extremely fruitful for us, because we had the opportunity not only to promote our company and SIBB, of which we are members, but we could also meet many interesting people associated with the IT industry, who are connected by curiosity and the desire for knowledge.

However, as always, we do not stop and we are already preparing for an October visit of SIBB partners as part of the edition "Made in Wrocław", organized by Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency (ARAW). This will be an excellent opportunity to learn about the products of well-known brands and local startups, as well as to meet enthusiasts of the latest technologies and to expand our network of contacts.

See you in Wroclaw!

A comprehensive project for the industry 4.0


At the beginning of the year, we’ve decided to assist in an exciting project for a German company which operates in industry 4.0.

Apronic is a startup from Emsdetten that modernizes and accelerates the production processes of the factories. Apronic offers its customers a very specialized system for collecting data from production lines, which measures performance in real time. These data significantly improve the efficiency of the production process.

We formed a team composed of our three experienced developers and a project manager to help create new features that are designed for specific customer orders.

Our task was also to modernize the Apronic’s system so that at the production lines, the customer could run our application directly at the station without using the operating system. We have also refactored the code to make it more modern and efficient. We focused on consultations in order to choose the best solutions.

The customer payed us a visit in February in our office to discuss new tasks and strengthen our relationship. The result of this meeting is the acceleration of work and adding a new developer to the team.

Our cooperation is very dynamic and beginning to bear fruit. We are looking forward to further challenges and successes connected with the project!

VM.PL is organizing another meetup!


Our previous meetups were always crowded so this time we’ve booked a place with more space for our participants. Travel Pub Wędrówki is one of the most popular meetup place in Wroclaw and is hosting us and up to 100 guests.

We invited Bartosz Kuczyński to talk about ArchUnit - free, simple and extensible library for checking the architecture of your Java code using any plain Java unit test framework.

As we have a lot of Java programmers in our office and there is still a demand for skilled ones on the market, hopefully our lecturer will put some light on the technology with his knowledge, experience and character.

You can still join the event at our site on Facebook and register for a free ticket. Pizza, gadgets, a lot of fun and great vibe provided!

Sign up:

Speech in Berlin and participation in SIBB Summit 2019


On the 6th of June, together with 10 other members of the Wrocław ITCorner cluster, we are off to Berlin to an event organized by the SIBB association, which we also a part of.

We will start in the City Hall with a meeting of German-Polish organizations from the business environment, the topic of which will be: "Two countries - one economy". At noon, our board member, Jakub Orczyk, will give a presentation on behalf of ITCorner in the language of our hosts. Among other topics, the cluster’s activity and history will be discussed, as well as the benefits of cooperation between Polish and German companies, which is exemplified by

In the evening on the same day, we will also participate in the SIBB Summit 2019 with ITCorner. The event will focus on the summary of SIBB’s activities last year, as well as on an intellectual exchange between IT enthusiasts.

Our goal is to promote the national association as well as possible, exchange experiences and gain new business contacts. We cordially invite you to participate and meet us there.

More information and tickets for the event:

A year full of challenges in IT Corner − membership in the board


A year has passed since Łukasz Borzęcki – our company’s CEO, became a member of the ITCorner’s board. This is a society which unites people connected with the new technologies market of Lower Silesia. Its main goal is to strengthen the communication between small and medium-sized companies which want to create innovative IT projects.

During this time, Łukasz has been actively participating in the board’s activities, being in charge of finding new members (13 new companies have joined) who have brought in valuable knowledge and fresh ideas to IT Corner. He performs a similar function in, where he finds valuable employees who believe in what we do and stay with us for longer.

Łukasz has also organised many meetings which focused on the exchange of knowledge between people in the IT branch, where everyone could share their experiences and methods on how to run a business. The goal of the meetings was to inspire and encourage action.

Łukasz has been asked to talk about’s history during the ITC Summit 2019 and explain how we managed to establish ourselves in the German market. He was one of several speakers who will share their knowledge with 300 entrepreneurs from every corner of Poland.

But the growing company needed more and more of the CEO’s time and attention. Łukasz had to take care of the recruitment process for the society and at the same time concentrate on the activities for his own company. Therefore, he was forced to take a difficult decision and thus he resigned from his membership of IT Corner’s board. This decision was not an easy one for either side, but Łukasz has met with the complete understanding of the board who know perfectly well how much of a responsibility having your own business on the market actually is.

However, Łukasz doesn’t want to part ways with IT Corner forever. In the future, he plans on returning to the society to again to take an active part in its inspiring activities. For now, Łukasz remains a member of the society and he’ll continue to support it for as long as he can.

The development of a modern website in Drupal


This month we’ve joined forces with labor b designbüro – a design office from Dortmund, which helps other companies strengthen their brands and recognition thanks to modern branding strategy and design. Labor b designbüro also creates individual systems and websites.

Three of our very experienced colleagues specializing in the Drupal framework have joined their team in order to create a website for a well-known public research institutes in Germany. The goal of the website is to present the modern way in which the institute designs and implement projects.

On 4th March we went to Dortmund to participate in a kick-off week where we had the opportunity to learn the details of the project. Furthermore, with the labor b designbüro team we have developed the architecture of the site. We worked out what we have to do and planned the next steps.

Since then our developers have been working remotely from our office in Wrocław. At the current pace, the MVP version of the project should be completed by the end of April. We’re very glad that we can take part in the next immersive project which will broaden our knowledge and strengthen contacts with foreign companies.

Open German courses at VM.PL!


The German language is playing an increasingly important role in the job market in Poland and in business. It is particularly visible in Wroclaw where every year there are more companies with German capital and those cooperating with our western neighbors. We are a perfect example – last year, up to 80% of our revenue came from German customers.

We know from experience that people who can speak German are extremely valued and sought in every industry, especially in IT. Our employees have been able to attend language classes in our office for several years. We have now decided to go out with such an initiative outside by organizing open German courses, addressed to all IT specialists.

The first attempt to fill the groups was a success and on February 12 we started the classes on two levels: B1 and B2.

Our courses are run by a native speaker and are primarily focused on the practical aspect - improving communication and learning industry vocabulary. For the convenience of our participants, classes take place twice a week in the evening.

So far, we've received very positive reviews. In a few months we plan to launch another round of enrolment. We are now encouraging everyone to participate. This is an excellent opportunity to improve your language skills and thus increase your value on the job market. We will keep you updated on our website and social media profiles on the formation of new groups. @ DIGITAL FUTUREcongress 2019 in Frankfurt!


We are pleased to announce that we’ll be taking part in the fairs in Germany as exhibitors again. This time, we’re going to Frankfurt, where on the 14th of February we’ll have a stand on the biggest event dedicated to IT Management in Germany in Hesse –
DIGITAL FUTUREcongress 2019.

The motto of the fairs is “Discover business 4.0 – medium-sized companies meet digitalization” and here’s what’s to be expected:

  • the congress with over 50 lectures taking place on five stages about the most important topics connected with the digitalization of the medium-sized companies
  • over 140 exhibitors and many important contact networks with interesting products and services connected to the company optimization
  • the most crucial information from the business and top-keynotes.

Our goal is to find the potential partners for cooperation in this region, get to know the market better as well as to exchange mutual experiences with other participants. Apart from that, we’re hungry for knowledge we will acquire from the lectures and the presentations of other exhibitors. We are hoping for a really inspiring and memorable day!

We warmly welcome you on the 14th of February to the Congress Center Messe Franfurt. You’ll be able to meet and greet us on the R13 stand.

For more information and tickets:

We join SIBB!


VM.PL never stops! We are happy to announce that we have just officially become a member of SIBB – a German association of enterprises and organizations from the IT industry in Berlin and Brandenburg. The main mission of SIBB is to build a cooperation network between companies, exchange information and transfer of knowledge and technology.

The activities of the association are well known to us as we have been actively involved in its various activities for a long time (2+ years). The official membership will allow us to strengthen cooperation with clients on the German market from this region as well as to acquire and develop new projects.

Joining SIBB shows , above all, that the German market is of key importance to us. In the future, we would like to continue to focus our activities on it – develop cooperation with both our existing clients and acquire new ones. We have no doubt that the association will actively support us in our intentions and the membership itself will improve our image of a reliable partner on the German market.

We are optimistic about the New Year and waiting impatiently for the new challenges ahead!

Development of smart solutions for Welotec


At we have already proved many times that challenges are our speciality!

Recently we have undertaken a comprehensive project for another German client, Welotec, a company from Laer (North Rhine-Westphalia) which had been looking for an experienced team to create new solutions.

Welotec specialises in the development of products and systems in the field of industrial communication and automation. Its main activities focus on 4 core sectors: Smart Energy, Smart City, Smart Farming and Smart Industry.

Our goal is to create a software for managing a large number of routers installed in various intelligent devices and machines (including agricultural).

Thanks to the application administrators will be able to track the behaviours and actions of each router. Furthermore, their configuration and firmware will stay up-to-date all the time.

As a final note, it’s worth mentioning that this is our first large-scale project which is being carried out in Lublin. A whole team of developers including the Project Manager is working there on site, while the Customer Success Manager supervises the whole operation from our main headquarters in Wrocław.

We are really satisfied that we have a chance to implement such a challenging project for an undoubtedly interesting and forward-looking sector. We sincerely hope that this is just the first of many such projects for us.

How to build your microservice for 0 downtime deployment on k8s?


We would like to cordially invite you on yet another meetup organised by!

This time we invited a special guest star - Wojtek Barczyński, trainer, WSB and Kozminski Universities lecturer, Lead Tech Developer w SMACC, who will reveal to us why k8s is his weapon of choice.

Wojtek will be talking about microservices and their connection to Kubernetes. You will find out how to start to create a network of microservices from scratch and familiarize yourselves with the strategies of deployment the new version of the service. Live coding will be done in Golang and Python.

Like always we bring the best craft beer and pizza in town. We know it’s how we learn best !

You can still save your sit here:

By the way, we have decided to make it official and created our own Meetup group for this and future events. You find us under the top secret name that showcases what we are all about - Pizza&Tech. Join in to get the first insiders intel on our next epic events!:

See you soon in

New branch in Lublin!


After many years of existence we have just made the next big step forward, officially opening a new branch on the other side of Poland, in the centre of Lublin.

An office in this location opens up the opportunity for us to collaborate with developers in this region. This solution means we now have a greater degree of flexibility and can employ more developers at one time, especially as the new office is located near the main railway station, which is attractive to potential employees.

We have started with three developers who are now working with our foreign clients on international projects. Lublin is also well connected with European cities so we can meet with foreign clients as easily as from Wrocław.

We would like to thank our partners in Lublin for all their invaluable help with the formalities associated with the opening of the branch. We welcome you to visit us on 1 Maja street number 13 in Lublin.

VMPL Software House Goes Back-to-Back


New Clutch ranking, who dis? We are proud to once again be included among the top service providers in Poland. After careful analysis, was recognized in the firm’s annual report as a leading Custom Software Development Company in Poland and this year, The Manifest – Clutch’s sister website – has recognized Software House as a one of the top web development companies in Poland. Take a look for yourself!

Last year we were thrilled to share our presence on Clutch and verified leadership. As a leading B2B ratings and reviews platform, the D.C based firm evaluates service providers across various segments, and regularly publish their research on top-performing companies in their directory. Being included in their biggest press release of the year speaks to our dominance in a very saturated market.

As our number of clients and projects has grown, so has our satisfied clientele who have continued to provide their positive feedback on our services that are featured on our Clutch profile.

A former client who turned to to develop a software for their publishing company took the time to speak with Clutch, and shared in a verified review , “What I consider most valuable about is their impressive technological background and knowledge.”

Dedicated to producing outstanding software and delivering unmatched customer satisfaction we value our feature on Clutch is a testament to that commitment. It is important for our customers to be happy with our deliverables and for us to adequately translate their passions through our technology. We appreciate our Clutch profile as an outward expression of gratitude from our clients and wish to extend our deepest thank as we look forward to your future projects.

Improving skills at JSConf EU 2018


One of the most important targets of the team VM.PL is improving professional skills. That’s why we participate in major branch events – both local and international. On the 2th-3th June our developers took part in the hottest JavaScript conference– JSConf EU 2018 in Berlin.

The event takes place a few times a year in different parts of the world and associates labour-of-love JavaScript community from the whole world. At this edition we had an opportunity to meet many major and influential companies, both start-ups and giants such as Google, Facebook or Microsoft.

Even more valuable was to listen many inspiring presentations and having a word with legendary programming world gurus including Node.js creator – Ryan Dahl or TC39 – ECMAScript® committee responsible for design the JavaScript language.

With big enthusiasm, we learned all about the new features which will come in the future editions of the language (we can’t wait to start implementing them in our code). We were also very excited to attend the talk about JavaScript engines and explore the most important ingredients of modern JavaScript VMs.

It was a big pleasure for us to attend such a world class event. All the talks were really inspiring. We had also opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, discuss ideas and goals, share our experiences and get to know actual trends. We highly recommend it to everyone that loves JavaScript as much as we do and can’t wait for the next edition to rock! at Business Digital 2018 fair in Leipzig!


We are delighted to announce that we are attending Business Digital 2018 fair in Leipzig on the 30th May as an exhibitor!

Business Digital is a regional IT trade fair organized for the first time. The theme will cover the broad term of digitalization and its actual need of its implementation in companies. There will be over 50 IT companies from Central Germany as exhibitors at the event. They will present their innovative IT products and services providing solutions to the demands of the market. The fair will be accompanied with keynote talks concerning current challenges and trends in the IT field.

For us, participation in the fair is an opportunity to look into the activity of the IT world in Central Germany and the current trends in the IT field in general. Most of all though, we are looking forward to the possibility to meet new prospective business partners and discuss the advantages of starting cooperation. In addition, we are excited to meet our current clients as well.

We cordially invite you to visit our stand F03 in the Kongresshalle am ZOO in Leipzig! See you on Wednesday!

Code Smell Meetup on the horizon!

It smells like next meetup at! This time our team is mixing the aroma of finest pizza and craft beers with something completely opposite... CODE SMELL.

During the meetup VM-er Paweł will guide participants through the idea of code smell, explain the most useful tips he gathered from Martin Fowler's book: Refactoring - Improving the Design of Existing Code with his own examples of solution to the problem.

And, last but not least, thing on the agenda – energetic discussion about the subject which we hope will appear.

We are expecting you on 10th May, 17:00-20:00. Remember to first: sign up, second: share with your friends. See you soon!

Registration and more info:

New project in Laravel!

Spring has brought us lots of sun and new tasks (even though we are open for new challenges even in late autumn). Our team has been busy lately, we recently paid a little visit to Luxembourg to start a new project in Laravel.

Two gifted VM devs are supporting the development of Doctena, an app used to searching specialist doctors and book medical appointments online. This app is widely used in Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

It’s getting not only more and more popular but also better and better as we speak. As of today, every month the app serves approximately one million bookings for more than 10 000 medical experts. With numbers as high as these, one can easily guess that we are talking about the biggest application in its field in Europe. We, on the other hand, are very proud and excited to have the privilege to take part in such a huge, important exciting project.

Workshop IQ@SIBB: DOCKER 101 in Berlin – summary

Two events in two 2 months – it was definitely an intensive and very challenging time for everyone in our team.

The second Docker workshop - IQ@SIBB: DOCKER 101 – practical introduction, was the first event ever we organized abroad . Thanks to our German partner – Sibb Ev. we had the pleasure to conduct the workshop in Berlin city centre.

Thank you very much to all the 20+ attendees for showing up, actively participating and inspiring discussions we had during the whole event.

Many thanks also for all who watched the live streaming. We hope the presented content and practical tasks were interesting and useful for you.

We are both extremely happy and proud that we managed to met the high German expectations. Organizing an event on such grand scale for the first time was a very important and empowering experience for us, which we hope to use when the next opportunity occurs.

We already can’t wait to meet you during next meetups!

NEW Docker 101 Workshop in Berlin!

Not even a month has passed since organising our last meetup and we are ready for a new one. We keep our promise and are proud to annouce NEW Docker 101 Workshop is coming!

Nevertheless, this time it will be an international event and will take place at the heart of Berlin. That’s all thanks to the initiative of Project LOOKOUT (focused on promotion and development of international cooperation within IT&ICT Industry between the capital region of Berlin and Poland) by German SIBB association.

We are delighted to invite you to join us at 15:00 on Wednesday, February 21st at SIBB e.V. - ICT & Digital Business Association Berlin & Brandenburg c / o EITCO, Potsdamer Platz 10, 10785 Berlin to the Workshop @SIBB: Docker 101 – a practical introduction, conducted as last time by our expert Łukasz Urbański

You will be able to discover for yourself hands-on why Docker has been steadily gaining popularity since 2012, how it can benefit developers’ work in building application quickly and managing the IT-environment, and most importantly, how to use it (practical workshop). When the workshop proper finishes, we expect inspiring discussion on Docker itself and general IT trends in Poland, Germany and worldwide.

The whole event will be recorded, streamed live and available online for the participants afterwards.

Book your seat now! More information and registration at:

New project, earlier Oktoberfest for us!

It could be just another project, but it's always a NEW CHALLENGE. We could just tell you, but again we are EXCITED to announce. It seems this time VM.PL is going to celebrate Oktoberfest a little bit earlier.

That’s because of our German and Java speaking super talented Vm-er who travelled to Munich on January to kick-start a new project.

He will be supporting a leading fintech company in delivering high-end, individually tailored IT solutions for key financial institutions in Germany. Our employee will be staying there until March and then continue working from our Wroclaw office.

We are really proud of it.


Docker 101 – summary

Finally it's time to sum up our great Docker 101 meetup.

Above all, huge thanks to our host – Łukasz Urbański and all vm-ers involved in organizing the event. We would like to thank all participants – both present at the meeting and watching live streaming via our Facebook and Youtube channel. This is the greatest reason why we are jumping with joy! Not to mention big amount of 150 people interested in the event.

It was definitely a successful meetup for the whole VM.PL team and participants (which we found out from the positive feedback we’ve got). We are also very happy that most of them are eager to meet us again at the earliest opportunity (next meetup then). After such a success we are sure we will see each other once more really soon!

Another exciting event by VM.Pl is coming

Finally, it's time for another exciting event by VM.PL Software House Sp. z o.o. Our very own Łukasz Urbański prepared a great talk that will enable you to work with Docker, from installation to complicated container configurations.

We are waiting for you on January 11th at 17.00 in our office at Kościuszki 82/30. There will be a pizza, beer and traditionally – fantastic atmosphere. Everything's free… Yes, even the atmosphere… Book your seats and pass this on. The number of seats is limited. Register at: receives the 2017 IT CORNER Achievement Award Team is currently celebrating the exceptional award we’ve received recently.

On 12th December we attended ITCorner Summit 2017 congress, where besides inspiring discussions with branch experts, we were especially honored by IT Corner association. We received Achievement Award for outstanding success in the IT market in 2017.

We are really touched and grateful that our drive and results are being noticed.

We are satisfied where we are now and we are looking ahead to the future and celebrating all successes big and small.

We are going to continue treading the route we have taken and keep on working hard as we’ve always had.

Thank you for everyone who made it possible.

A start of a partnership with Germany's No 1 engineering and IT services provider

We are happy to announce that we have just signed a contract with FERCHAU Engineering GmbH – the biggest engineering and IT services provider in Germany.

The company, with more than 8,000 employees at over 100 branches and 90 locations in the country, is the market leader in engineering and IT projects as well as talent management. We are looking ahead to this cooperation!

We contribute to a new shopping experience

We have gone all multi-disciplinarian lately. This time we got involved in the shopping market. In September, together with our Berlin partners from Advalyze, we completed a project (in Magento technology) involving creating a touchpoint for renowned underwear Zimmerli brand of Switzerland. This cutting-edge device has a fully interactive touch display serving as an online store for the manufacturer. Clients may browse all the available products on the screen and then place an order, as well as choose the most convenient means of payment and shipping.

This touchpoint has been installed in a new store in Zurich, and it is the trailblazer for the many devices which will be used in all Zimmerli stores around the world. Should you have the opportunity to visit Zurich, we recommend you drop by and give this latest shopping style a shot. Meanwhile, our talented team is looking forward to the upcoming innovative projects with German partners.


Member of:

ICT & Digital Business Association Berlin & Brandenburg
Wrocław sp. z o.o. ul. Kościuszki 82 50-441 Wrocław +48 71 341 76 40
Lublin sp. z o.o. ul. 1 Maja 13 20-410 Lublin 81 534 26 66