5 out of 5 stars. Yet another positive feedback we want to share.

/ 25.02.2022

About Our Client

Perola GmbH is an importer, distributor and wholesaler of high quality alcoholic beverages. They have been in business since 2010 and their primary market is Germany.

Our Task

We had the opportunity to work with this Client on another project. It turned out that the quality of our work was very satisfactory. We have gained the recognition of the Client who decided to trust us again. Another challenge we faced was creating an EDI interface to automate the receipt and processing of orders from larger customers.
After analysing the software requirements specification, and while working as a team, we managed to create a software architecture that met all the requirements. The solution was evaluated very highly, it worked well and was flexible. In addition, according to the Client, it has made the daily work of the Perola customer service team much easier.

How Did We Earn 5 Stars?

We are proud to hear that we have a well-trained team and we use effective work methods. We also care about good and honest communication, so we are glad that the Client enjoyed working with us so much.

“Communication was very efficient, characterised by direct exchange of ideas and discussion of possible solutions. This kept the project moving forward very quickly”.

Fast progress of the project is not everything. The effects of our work were evaluated very high and the quality was flawless. In addition, we managed to surprise our Client. It has been recognised that we are looking for solutions that, in many cases, are better than what was initially specified in the Client's requirements. This is a very serious compliment for us!

“They are a professional and competent team and at the same time they work in a very practical way with easy-going style, which makes cooperation with them problem-free (...)”.

Looking forward to the next tasks

Customer satisfaction and good results is what drives us.
“Thanks to their suggestions, we were able to achieve better results than we expected”.

We look forward to future opportunities to work together and are grateful for such a thorough evaluation of our work. Thank you! 

You can read the entire review here:

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Jakub Orczyk
Member of the Management Board/ Sales Director VM.PL
Jakub Orczyk

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