The first episode with VM.PL as a sponsor!

/ 21.04.2021

On 18.02.2021 the first episode of the podcast with us as a sponsor came out. The project, now called @Scaling Champions, began in the summer of 2014 under the name SAR. They noticed a tendency to only pay attention to large corporations and new start-ups. But who cares about the established mid-sized companies that create real value? 

The @Scaling Champions Podcast is primarily dedicated to mid-sized businesses in the IT department. They share their experience and insights there. Each week, listeners will receive specific tips and tools to help them scale their IT business.  

The topic of this podcast is organizing - 3 tools you need to have to be well organized - Office, Outlook and Calendar, a must for every entrepreneur. 

You are invited to listen to the entire podcast which is called: #54 Drei Tools für Unternehmer*innen Teil 1:  

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Models of cooperation

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Jakub Orczyk

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