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We help you to increase business agility and scalability by using containerization and both your production and staging environment. This allows not only easier maintenance in on-premise but also enables cloud-native migration. If your application is not ready for it, we adapt it according to 12 Factors, that enables easy containerization. In non-trivial environment monitoring of application health and availability is crucial to provide high availability.

Do you want to ...

release new versions faster?
simplify setting up and scaling development, staging or production environment.
lower time spent on server maintenance and monitoring?
help your DevOps team test work done in feature branches before integration?
prepare for scaling to global reach?
lower software erosion cost and focus?
monitor and spot errors propagating between services?
Maintaining infrastructure and environment development takes less time.
Releasing can happen more often, because build and deployment process is easier and faster.
Better scalability allows adding new containerized app instances easily.
It allows further Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery approach, because deployment is no longer a problem.
Dev-Prod environment parity – something that will work on dev environment will also do on production.
Easier start for new DevOps team members.
DevOps team satisfaction is growing.
As a side effect end user satisfaction is growing, because software is more reliable and features released more often.

   The platform has enabled a better experience for customers. Their work has also supported valuable, new business ideas. Throughout the timeline, the team offered well-informed suggestions. Their ability to translate complex concepts into action was a strength.    

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