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Back-end solution, Front-end solution
Mannheim, Germany
Team Outsourcing
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Time & Materials
May 2021 – currently


Our cooperation with ergosoft has begun in May 2021. We were tasked with technological development of a basic product. Since 1999, psychodat has been used for general management in psychotherapeutic practices, including functions such as appointment booking and documentation, or settlement of the services with the Krankenkasse.

At the beginning of our involvement, the task was to process the software technology, which “ripened” with time. The superior goal was to apply modern technology which would ensure that when developing its product portfolio on the growing Healthcare market, the customer is practically free from any limitations.

Competences, a close relation with the customer’s team and the resulting, increasingly better familiarity with the product and the industry make it possible for the developers to – in addition to the main scope of the tasks – also take over smaller development works for the customer’s basic product.


Regular meetings held between the developers, the VM.PL team and the management, as well as the customer’s development team, allow the cooperation with VM.PL to proceed in a very smooth and trustful manner. Effective online meetings allow all the participants to gain insight into the contents of the current, daily reports regarding the tasks performed and the results of the development works achieved to date.


Already visible results of the current project and excellent communication between VM.PL, the developer and the customer’s team make the principal very happy. It is planned to expand the cooperation as part of future projects and in order to improve the general developmental capacity of the customer.



Ergosoft Company seated in Mannheim, with 24 years’ experience in creating software solutions for psychotherapeutic clinics. Their product portfolio facilitates the work of thousands of psychotherapists and institutions in Germany.

Customer website: https://www.ergosoft.info/

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Jakub Orczyk
Member of the Management Board/ Sales Director VM.PL
Jakub Orczyk

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