In our work, we rely on a specific type of outsourcing - the Nearshoring model - currently the most optimal and attractive in many respects. In this approach, we combine frequent visits to our partners with regular communication in the dominant language of the project.

In our work, we rely on a specific type of outsourcing - the Nearshoring model - currently the most optimal and attractive in many respects. In this approach, we combine frequent visits to our partners with regular communication in the dominant language of the project. Our teams of IT specialists are experienced and highly qualified. They can join your team to help you develop your current project or undertake a completely new one. In addition to providing dedicated IT teams, we can also undertake comprehensive project implementation based on documentation. Our specialists are able to quickly define your expectations and deliver software with the highest quality standards.

Learn about the benefits and principles of cooperation with us in Nearshoring - the model in which we have almost 95% operational effectiveness and extensive experience gained in the German market.

We offer 2 basic cooperation models, depending on your needs.

Why Nearshoring to Poland?

In many significant rankings, Poland ranks as the most attractive country in Europe for IT outsourcing. This is due to several factors, including:


Dynamic development

 Dynamic development of the IT sector in recent years (increase in revenues by an average of 5% per year)

World leaders

Highly qualified, considered to be some of the best programmers in the world (the 3rd place in HackerRank, 2016)

Growing labour market

A large number of university graduates from IT faculties


Stable economic situation


Member of the EU - strict compliance with data protection regulations

Knowledge of foreign languages

Wide knowledge of foreign languages (English and German)


Location - in the centre of Europe, close and with convenient connections to every European country

Why Nearshoring with us?

In recent years, by gaining more and more experience in the European (especially German) market year by year, we have become experts in implementing IT projects with the Nearshoring model. Find out more about our most important points in the strategy of operation and the values thanks to which our customers really appreciate working with us.

More than development

More than development

We always carry out entrusted works on software creation comprehensively and with particular attention to quality.

During the implementation of a project, we never omit any of its most important stages - from the analysis of a customer's needs and requirements, through programming and testing, to support and maintenance of the system after its delivery.

Advice and consultation

Advice and consultation

In our activities, we always try to go a step further than required by the task. Our qualified IT teams will not only implement your project with full commitment, but they will also be happy to support you in additional areas.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience in implementing new tools and methodologies in software development. Over the years, we have repeatedly managed to improve or develop the software created together with our partners.

Dedicated team of specialists

Dedicated team of specialists

We are experts in building dedicated IT teams which work in a transparent and effective manner. We have highly qualified specialists who have exceptional professional knowledge supported by many (over 3) years of experience.

When you entrust us with a project, we will provide you with a team selected carefully for your needs. Primarily we take into account the technical skills and years of experience of programmers, as well as knowledge of foreign languages.

Partnership and long-term relationships

Partnership and long-term relationships

We realise that trust is of key importance in business, which is why we aim for direct, partnership-based relationships with customers from the very first meeting. 

We enjoy working with customers on a long-term basis - and so do they. This approach ensures mutual benefits and definitely brings better results. Some of our customers have been working with us for several years.

Close location

Close location

Close relationships with our customers are the most important matter for us, which is why we frequently travel out to meet clients.

Our location in Wrocław, in the centre of Europe, close to the border with Germany, allows us to travel conveniently and quickly. This means that we can easily reach our partners at every stage of the project.

Łukasz Borzęcki

"Our relationships with customers are long-term. Thanks to our very low employee turnover in the company, we create teams that work together for a very long time.

Before starting cooperation, we spend a lot of time with the customer to check whether our values and customer's values allow for long-term cooperation to bring benefits to both parties."

Łukasz Borzęcki
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