Do you want to…

  • Prepare for scaling to global reach?

  • Release new versions faster?

  • Help your DevOps team test work done in feature branches before integration?

  • Lower time spent on server maintenance and monitoring?                  

  • Monitor and spot errors propagating between services?

  • Lower software erosion cost and focus?                         

  • Simplify setting up and scaling development, staging or production environment?​            


Less time spent on maintaining infrastructure and development environment.   
Releases can take place more often, because the build and deployment process is easy. 
Better scalability allows adding new containerized app instances.   
Allows the further Continuous Delivery approach, because deployment is no longer a problem.   
Dev-Prod environment parity – something that will work on dev environment will also work on production.   
Easier start for new DevOps team members.   
DevOps team satisfaction grows.  
As an added benefit, end user satisfaction increases because software is more reliable and features are released more often.
Advanced monitoring, traceability, alerts and logs can be easily defined for containerized applications.

What is this?

Containerization simplifies defining, operating and monitoring a high number of services. A team can focus on defining services instead of managing traditional infrastructure. Moving between testing and production stages is easier. A defined container will behave the same way. Complexity is reduced. 

 Build-in scaling, and monitoring helps operation and maintenance.


Implemented projects in

/ Projects we are proud of
Remote management system for routers and industrial equipment
PHP, Symfony, HTML, CSS
Industrial Engineering
Welotec, a supplier of modern solutions in the field of automation and industrial communication, wanted to build a new remote maintenance system for operators and industrial machine builders.
Model: Project Outsourcing
Duration: From June 2018
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Other projects

/ Projects we are proud of
Client: Systema Art of Automation – an IT company from Dresden which provides software solutions and consulting for complex manufacturing processes
Technologies: C++, Python, My SQL
Industry: Semiconductors
Task: Production process management software for the manufacturing of semiconductor devices
Model: Team Outsourcing
Duration: Since February 2019
City: Dresden, Germany

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