Do you want to…

  • Prepare and position your online business for social marketplaces?

  • Improve user acceptance by visualizing your available data better?

  • Engage customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations?

  • Build new functionality around the existing customer base?                              

  • Respond to user needs in faster cycle time?                                 

  • Transform your products and services?    


Higher productivity thanks to many UI widget libraries. 
Accessibility features easily available. 
End user satisfaction grows, because their experience is better.  
Cross-platform experience - using a web app on mobile devices. 
Offline usage possible. 
Rich UI experience (offline, local storage, responsive design). 
Developers productivity grows and new features are delivered faster. High quality IDE support. Modern tech stack. 
Integration with GraphQL for better backend integration and development speed. 
Deployments decoupled from backend. 
Consistent result across many devices (mobile – desktop).

What is this?

To meet demanding User Experience expectations, you require tools that can match it. Modern UI frameworks like Angular, React and Vue allow us to deliver every complex user interface.


Implemented projects in

/ Projects we are proud of
Support for the development of an online examination system and e-learning platform
Java, Springboot, JavaScript, Angular, CSS, HTML, My SQL
(g.a.s.t.) e. V. / TestDaF-Institut, a German institution offering internationally recognized language testing needed to develop a digital testing platform for their products. For this purpose, they sought the support of an experienced Java development team.
Model: Team Outsourcing
Duration: from September 2017
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Other projects

/ Projects we are proud of
Client: Systema Art of Automation – an IT company from Dresden which provides software solutions and consulting for complex manufacturing processes
Technologies: C++, Python, My SQL
Industry: Semiconductors
Task: Production process management software for the manufacturing of semiconductor devices
Model: Team Outsourcing
Duration: Since February 2019
City: Dresden, Germany

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