Do you want to…

  • Make your web applications robust and secure? 

  • Lower the possibility of data loss and integrity? 

  • Maintain a trustworthy and secure company reputation? 

  • Fix weak points in your IT infrastructure?                                    

  • Ensure your staff abide by security guidelines in day to day business?


The test will provide an overview of vulnerabilities. It covers the possibilities of their usage to gain unauthorized access to protected data.
VM.PL will also identify weaknesses in the IT infrastructure. 
This will help you to manage security risks. 
It helps you define a budget for the most unsecured parts of the network and applications. 
It will reduce the potential cost of service unavailability after a successful computer attack.
This will increase confidence in the eyes of the client and end-user. 
VM.PL can assess how many employees are susceptible to social engineering attacks.
We evaluate physical infrastructure security. 

What is this?

Cyber-security is very important issue in today's connected world and the Internet-of-Things. To achieve end-to-end business security, we bake it into the development and operation processes. We adopt well-recognized OWASP security guidelines. But also conduct penetration tests at every level of organization. This ensures the security of single applications to procedures between departments and customers.

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