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Ettlingen (Germany) and Wels (Austria)
Team Outsourcing, Project Outsourcing
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Time & Materials
from November 2021


Our cooperation with oxaion From Aptean began in November 2021. Our task was to migrate data from RPG to Java 11. This requires not only delivery of a final system in a new language, but also involves the need for learning, in detail, the original versions of libraries (a set of methods and functions of the software) of each client. In addition, working with the AS/400 system, which was created over many years, is a challenge.


There were three developers working on the project in the initial phase. Currently, the VM.PL team has 15 people, and in addition to developers also includes a Project Manager, consultant, and Customer Success Manager. 

We're systematically introducing improvements to the Customer's systems that require transfer to newer technologies. We're in constant contact with the customer via messengers and remote meetings.  At the end of September, we once again visited our customer's headquarters to talk in person and integrate with the team. We try to meet with the customer in person at least once per quarter to build the relationship, strengthen mutual trust and discuss the process in depth. 

Knowing our customer’s native language is particularly important and helpful for a smooth project process. The VM.PL team communicates with customers in German, which significantly improves the quality and pace of work, mutual understanding, and the atmosphere. 

Currently, in addition to working for our customer, we’re also cooperating with end clients - pillars we work for together with oxaion From Aptean. Here, we provide consulting services and help develop optimal solutions for specific end clients. 


Thanks to efficient and effective communication with the customer, the project is continuously developing, and our cooperation is strong and based on mutual trust. Because of this, we can work together for end clients. Our cooperation with the customer is very good, and we’re confident that it will continue, based on the positive experience we’ve had so far.



The company oxaion From Aptean is one of the technological leaders in business software for medium-sized enterprises in industry and wholesale trade. The solutions of the company as a supplier of non-standard ERP software are characterised by being as close as possible to the process and application requirements of their target groups in the machinery, commercial, medical and automotive industries. ERP software by oxaion is available in many languages, meaning it can be used in different countries.

Customer website: https://www.oxaion.de/unternehmen/aptean-gruppe

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Jakub Orczyk
Member of the Management Board/ Sales Director VM.PL
Jakub Orczyk

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