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Back-end solution, Front-end solution
Industrial Engineering
Laer, Germany
Project Outsourcing
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Time & Materials
From June 2018


Welotec from Laer (Germany) wanted to build a new remote technical support system for industrial machine operators and constructors. The challenge for this project was to provide an easy-to-use, functional  and, above all, secure (preventing data from being intercepted by third parties) operation. Furthermore, the system had to be operated by people without technical skills.

From the outset, Welotec considered hiring an external company outside Germany to carry out this task. Cooperation between us was initiated after an earlier meeting at Laer. The customer was particularly impressed with our business plan and the way we run our business.


We began the project in June 2018. For its implementation, we provided 2 experienced PHP programmers and a Project Manager.

Initially, the client wanted to manage the workflow progress independently and only outsource specific tasks to our developers. Later on, however, we assumed full responsibility for the execution and management of the project, because it was more convenient for them. However, the client supported us with their expertise all the way through; they actively collaborated with us on individual solutions and supervised the whole process at regular meetings. Consequently, the project was implemented more efficiently and effectively.

What are we doing?

  • Development of applications for remote management of routers and industrial equipment
  • Implementation of new functions required by the customer
  • System configuration based on docker image
  • Regular meetings and workshops with the client to choose the most optimal solutions


Within a few months from the start of the project, our developers built the first ready-to-use version of the system. We are currently working on the development of new, additional features.

Thanks to the application we developed, our client now offers a solution that allows for the automatic and trouble-free implementation of VPN infrastructure all over the world without them having to leave the office. Additionally, the system works on the client's infrastructure, thus ensuring data consistency, security and full control over data and applications.

As a result of our cooperation, Welotec has consolidated its position on the market of modern industrial solutions, selling an extremely functional and safe system.


From the customer

"I was impressed with the knowledge of VM.PL’s developers. They perfectly understood our goals and their suggestions were of great added value to us. They quickly understood the use of a complex application in specific cases."

Jos Zenner
CTO / Welotec GmbH



Welotec has been operating on the market for several decades. They are experts in industrial communication and automation. They specialise in three main sectors: Smart Energy, Smart City, Smart Industry. They develop products such as routers, antennas as well as telecommunication/technical systems and solutions for their clients

Customer website: https://www.welotec.com/

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