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from October 2020


We have established our cooperation with PICARD by receiving an order to create a WMS (Warehouse Management System) along with available goods and orders for external customers. Such a system significantly improves logistics processes, provides flexibility and, consequently, better results in terms of efficiency.
The projects we are currently working on are based on the legacy client system, which is ultimately to be completely replaced by the solution created by VM.PL.


PLS Warehouse System

Task: The first application we create is PLS Warehouse System. It is a comprehensive project consisting of many parts.
Backend - is a core system built on the basis of Spring and hexagonal architecture. It is divided into appropriate domains in accordance with the guidelines of the strategic DDD.
Web Frontend - is an angular application using NgRx. Used to display the current status of orders.
Android - is a native mobile application written in Kotlin based on MVVM and Jetpack Compose. The division into 3 layers - data, domain and presentation - allows to divide responsibilities and significantly simplifies testing. The application is used to collect orders, as well as to accept goods in stock.

Technologies: Spring Boot, Angular, Android, Docker, Kubernetes

Programming languages: Java 11/17, Typescript/ Javascript, Kotlin


Task: Our team is also responsible for the development of a platform offering goods from multiple suppliers in one place. The main objective of the project is to integrate PICARD's stock levels and available suppliers so that it is possible to search for items that are currently available on the market and to support the sales process by automatically generating offers for customers. 

Technologies: Spring, SpringBoot, Angular, Docker, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ

Programming languages: Java 17, TypeScript

Duration of the project: from June 2021


Task: We are working on creating a solution offering SSO (Single Sign-On), which enables the integration of all applications available in PICARD. End-users, with the help of the developed solution, should be able to work on all available processes by logging in only to Sophia. 

Technologies: Spring, SpringBoot, Angular, Docker, Kubernetes, FusionAuth

Programming languages: Java 17, TypeScript

Duration of the project: from August 2021

The project and cooperation with PICARD are working very well. Our activities cover many areas and grow, which we hope will bring satisfying results for the customer. In mid-February 2022, an additional Fullstack Developer joined our team.



International company Friedrich PICARD GmbH & Co. KG from Bochum supplying wholesale companies in the field of rolling bearings and linear technology worldwide.

Customer website: https://picard.de/en/

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Member of the Management Board/ Sales Director VM.PL
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